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The 2015 Dirty Dogwood 5k (Run, Walk, Dirty)

This year the Dansville Fitness Club is holding the annual Dirty Dogwood 5K race in support of the Dansville Legion!  Come and enjoy this unique race with us.


Register  now by clicking here:

Or click here to download and print the registration form. You can then mail it in or drop it off at Dansville Fitness Club (5 Ossian St)




Dansville Legion, 34 Elizabeth St, Dansville NY 14437

Start Time

9:00 A.M.

Entry Fee

$25.00 race-day fee, pre-registration fee is $20.00.

Trifecta series Race all 3 races!!!  Register for Dirty Dogwood, Nunda Funday’s Raccoon Run and Scamper, Jingle Bells 5K: $55.00


Sign up for the Trifecta and Save!
You may register for individual races by clicking the race links below. Or you can register for all three and save!
05/16 Dirty Dogwood, Dansville, NY
06/06 Rocky Raccoon, Nunda, NY
12/06 Jingle Bells 5k, Dansville, NYRegister for all 3 races by clicking here.


Packet Pickup and In Person Registration
Pre Race: Friday, May 15th, 2015 3:00-7:00 pm at the Dansville Fitness Club,

5 Ossian St, Dansville, NY 14437

Race Day: Registration beginning at 7:30 am Amercian Legion Post (race site), race start time is at 9:00 AM.
Race Contact Details:

Dansville Fitness Club
JP Mummey

Anti-Diet Challenge Challenge Week 4

Back to strict this week!

I've got my eye on you

I’ve got my eye on you

But the good news is you only have to log your cheats… so if you follow the rules you shouldn’t have to log anything. Super Bowl Sunday will be an honorary cheat day for all… but you have to make at least 1 paleo appetizer to qualify.

The rest of the week 4 challenges can be found here…


Week 3 Diet Challenge Challenges

Week 3 = 80% Paleo (so 4 cheat meals)

This is your last week of logging everything, it’s also the week a lot of you will reach the end of your cheat leash. That line in the dietary sand where you no longer make progress on your goals. It’s important to log those cheats so you can gain the insight.

Make sure you turn in your food logs and last weeks challenge paper to get your points.


2015 DFC Diet Challenge

Casual Paleo

Which is copyrighted… so we’ll call it… lazy paleo, realistic paleo, functional paleo, fluctuating paleo, operational paleo, MEAT AND VEGGIES!… Call it what you want…it isn’t strict!!

Where dem carbs!?

Where dem carbs!?

We’ve done strict paleo before and it’s phenomenal…ly hard!! The benefits are amazing but so is the cost. Physically, emotionally, economically, and socially… strict paleo is a challenge. Now… I love a good challenge, but I think elevated levels of discipline in January followed by 11 months of regular unhealthy eating is wrong. I don’t care if you’re doing a cleanse, strict paleo, fasting, advocare, 21 day detox, an all juice crap fest, ketogenic, fruititartian… or whatever is popular these days. If you plan to eat differently for just 1/12th of the year and expect to be healthier next January, then you have your blinders on. You know you need to change the way you eat, and you also know that isn’t easy. A temporary focus is easy. Promise to be good for awhile and then cross your fingers and hope it sticks. Nope. Not how it works. Life is too demanding on your resources. You will fall back on whatever habits got you here in the first place.

UNTIL NOW…. dum dum dum!!!

Check out a more realistic version of paleo. One with cheats! One with slack built into the food list. One that fluctuates in intensity week to week. A version of paleo that can fluctuate with the chaos of your life. This is not another challenge. This is a way to change the other 11 months.

Click to find out more and join the anti-resolution revolution!






Is Crossfit Dangerous?

yep, I did

I run a crossfit gym so of course my opinion is biased, but that also makes it informed.

There’s a lot of CF hate out there and there always will be. The program is big and flashy and in your face and the people who do it seem to talk about it waaaaaay too much. Well, here’s my 2 cents…


Being concerned about your health, avoiding injury, staying active… these are all admirable quests. It’s hard to sort out the variables in play because there are many of them and by and large the internet is cray cray …. it has no filter… which is cool (porn, medical questions, research, information, parenting help) and it’s also bad (opinions get spread like facts and there’s those pesky government control measures).


So… is crossfit dangerous?


A question for your question! Why do people always want black and white answers when it comes to health?


Is bread good or bad?
How far should I run?
How often should I train?
How many calories should I eat?
Is Crossfit dangerous?


It’s not black and white though. None of it is. Because you are just so special.


Is bread good or bad?

Bread is perfectly safe to consume in mass quantities… for some people
Bread is perfectly safe to consume in moderation… for most people
Bread is going to move you further from your goals… for some people (with some goals!)
Bread is actually dangerous… for a few people


How far should I run?
You should run as far as your running partner runs
You should run as far as the internet plan you found says
You should run as far as your goals demand
You should run as far as your running mechanics allow
You should run as far as your previous injuries allow
You should run farther than whoever is chasing you!
You should not run at all
All good advice, for someone


So what about Crossfit. Should I do it or not. Is it good or bad? Black or white?


Aren’t you listening!? It’s both!!


Crossfit is safe. Because it’s strength and conditioning which is pretty much essential to your survival. Crossfit at the very least attempts to teach good movement patterns (which is harder than it sounds). Crossfit also builds some strength, establishes new confidence, asks the tough diet questions, exposes your deepest darkest capacity oversights, and forces social engagement which generally results in bonding and fellowship. Good god, your kids might even see you do it and be inspired put down their iphones before the battery dies. Getting a more capable body alongside your buddies is a good thing.




Crossfit is dangerous. Because you suck! I do too. We all do. We suck at taking care of ourselves. On a long enough timeline we all eat like shit, sleep like shit, move like shit, don’t breath right, don’t drink enough water, watch too much tv, sit down too long, stress out, do drugs, stare at the sun, set a bad example for our kids, try something beyond our capacity, fall down, get hurt. If we didn’t suck so much at taking care of ourselves then crossfit wouldn’t exist.


So start with a sucky body (debatable) and add a clock, a loaded barbell, and lots of reps to bad movement patterns, quirky levers, pre-existing injuries, bad diets, or just really stubborn people who don’t know the difference between good pain and bad pain you end up hurt. Which sucks.


But it’s your trainers job to shield you from hurt, right? Yes. Your trainer should warn you about the potential for injury, assess your current range of motion, current level of strength, coordination, conditioning, provide you with a series of progressions, make appropriate substitutions, attempt to unfuck your diet, yell at you when you need yelling, stop you when you need stopping, and continually re-assess for tweaks to the thought out plan you engage in. That’s the way it should go.


That’s true for a crossfit coach, running coach, yoga instructor, personal trainer, doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor or any authority who tells people how they ought to be moving. Ok… maybe my chiropractor shouldn’t look at my food log… but everything else is pretty important if he’s going to provide meaningful input on what I choose to do with my body.


So we all know it’s not a perfect world and the authorities don’t always do all of the things they are supposed to do. So what are your options? Sue someone, find another authority, take some personal responsibility, or just quit life.


Not a very shiny picture eh? Well it gets less shiny… because there are times when your authority does everything right and you still get hurt. Human beings are incredibly durable but they have their quirky vulnerable bits too. Oversized skeletons, weak skeletons, bone spurs, tight hamstrings, dipshit hormones, disproportionate levers, birth defects, battle wounds… combined with bad movement patterns.


Oh those damn movement patterns. And the diets, don’t get me started on the diets. The sleep could use a little work too…


It’s not your fault though. We weren’t taught any better. We were taught american history and we were taught math and science by people who are good at math and science. These authorities were staples in our youth. But unless you were extraordinarily lucky you weren’t taught how to move, how to eat, how to stretch, how to hydrate, how to sleep by anyone good at those things… until after you had a number of years or decades to screw it up under your belt. Which is ok because most of the people around you are screwing it up too! Maybe somewhere along this dysfunctional (but very fun) route you asked the question… is there a better way? Or you were around someone who found what looked like a better way and you decided that’s something you ought to try too.


What was the question again!?


Oh yeah… Is crossfit good or bad?


Let’s paint another picture!


Larry Pelky runs a whole bunch. Like 40-60 miles per week average for the past 4 years. He runs further and faster than I do, but I also run… like a couple 400 meter intervals 2 years ago. So Larry’s running isn’t my running which makes it ok. If I did Larry’s running I would die and my wife would leave me and if larry did my running he would gain back the hundred pounds he’s lost. So can we all agree that there are different types of running? Pretty much common sense, I know… but here’s another picture!
I crossfit a whole bunch. Like most of the days in the last 7 years. I lift heavier and push harder than Judy Ann, but she also does crossfit, like 3 days a week for the past 4 years. She lifts heavy and pushes hard too. My crossfit isn’t her crossfit which makes it ok. If she did my crossfit she would die and if I did her crossfit I wouldn’t have these chiseled calves. So can we all agree that there are different crossfits? Because most of the crossfit hate I see doesn’t talk about different crossfits. They like to talk about my crossfit (the big flashy one) and they don’t really mention Judy Ann’s crossfit (the modified and intelligent progressive one).
So you can’t say that running is better than crossfit or more dangerous or that crossfit is better than running or more dangerous… or pilates, or yoga, or walking, or even P90X. They are all open ended inputs. Meaning, there is a smart way to run and a dumb way to run (simple progression vs. untrained marathon) just like there is a smart way to crossfit and a dumb way to crossfit (simple progression vs. untrained marathon… of shitty reps). If either one doesn’t feel right then stop. Ask if there’s another way. Buy different shoes, eat a more athletic menu, ask for help! We all know how to run slower but do you know how to crossfit slower? Find your pace.
Continue to question crossfit (whatever version you do) because that’s how it gets better. Question the methods, the movements, the volume, and the intensity because those variables are unique to you. They will change as you change. I do stupid hard workouts now because I’m young and dumb and haven’t hurt myself enough to think about stopping, but 10 years from now I won’t be doing Fran RX’d. I’ll probably still do Thrusters or at least reasonably heavy Front Squats and might even do them with a clock running but it won’t be to beat Rich Froning. It’ll be to let my son know that I can still kick his ass if he gets out of line. If you aren’t in a gym where you have options, where you have the ability to modify based on what you feel is right, then hit the road. Watch out for Larry though, he’s probably out there running on it.
The only general fitness advice you should take from the internet is not to take any general fitness advice from the internet, unless you have an open mind.


Be an adult and establish some personal goals. Then find people who can do what you want to be able to do or look like you want to look or act like you want to act. Do what they do and see if it works for you. Here’s the kicker… it might not. But that’s ok, because it’s a big internet and you’ll find other people with other ideas to try. Eventually, one of them will work… or you’ll be a really high functioning adult and you’ll change your goals.


But now I’m giving out general fitness advice on the internet, which I just told you not to listen to… And I didn’t even answer the fucking question!


Or did I…..


oooooooooooo… it’s like an onion of confusion. A confusonion!! Confonion!

Dirty Dogwood

DFC Family

DFC Family

2014 Dogwood was a huge success. We had a few glitches with the registration but after some swearing and some mental horsepower the wrongs were all made right and we kicked off the race only 3 minutes behind schedule. We had an amazing turnout, 215 people came out to play, and most of them did the Dirty. The youngest was 3 years old and the oldest was 72. Huge thanks to all of the volunteers! Pictures can be found at the link below.


Put my money where my fitness is

The Fittest In Dansville is an annual competition we hold to find out exactly who is the Fittest human being in Dansville. Our gym is stacked with contenders, but just in case someone out there thinks they’ve got what it takes to beat us… come in and play. The competition is one workout per week for 5 weeks, starting tomorrow (Friday, Feb 28th). The workouts test different aspects of fitness (strength, skill, endurance) and no one knows what the workouts will be…


If anyone from outside the gym wins a workout, I’ll give them $50 cash. Guys and girls, young and old, come take my money. If you’ve got a friend who thinks they’re fit, send them in.

OK, so this really is a cult

Unless it's paleo

Unless it’s paleo

Hat tip to Holly for the inspiration.


My name is JP Mummey, and I run a cult. I’ve joked about it for years now… heard stories of people around town (usually non-members) referring to us as a cult, the scary gym, the crazies, the nuts with the tires, that weird gym, those people from the garage!? It’s become a bit of badge of honor, a source of pride, recognition. But I get it… from the outside looking in, we are crazy. We look different, talk different, move different, eat different, and we generally have bruises, scabs, and callused hands. If I weren’t part of it I would be a little concerned myself! But the criticism has always been sourced from outside our walls, so I never gave it much thought (you guys keep me busy). But we really are a cult. Internet says so.





a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies.


an instance of great veneration of a person, ideal, or thing, especially as manifested by a body of admirers: the physical fitness cult.


the object of such devotion.


a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.


Hits the nail on the head. We are most definitely a group, bound together by enthusiasm and respect for an ideal (fitness). We worship physical effort and pursue increased capacity. Our ceremonies are timed workouts, barbells, and sweat. Our scripture is the temporary letters and  numbers scribbled on a whiteboard. We are devoted to each other. We encourage, we inspire, and hold each other accountable for the work that no one would do alone. As far as cults go… we’re awesome.


Where else do you see 72 year old women doing pushups alongside 18 year old boys? Where else can you bring your children to hang out while you get a workout in (and maybe inspire them to be active)? We push each other to new heights. We share recipes and best practices. We laugh (sometimes too much!). We even leave our dungeon on occasion to support our community (Local 5k’s and fundraisers). We celebrate holidays. We celebrate ALL of our members’ birthdays (even the ones who try to hide it). Many of the members met in the gym but have become close friends. We help each other through tough times in and out of the gym and we share victories in and out of the gym. Every workout you survive is an experience, and you can’t help but bond with the people you share that experience with. All of you turds will be invited to my wedding. I promise, no kool aid.


So all of the things that make us different, are the things that hold us together. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides, the rest of the world looks pretty weird to us.



Additional note… January is my slowest month. Backwards from the industry trends. I typically don’t see any new members. I thought for a while it was because of the money. We are the most expensive gym in the world (or at least the area). But my prices haven’t changed in years and I see new members every other month of the year. Then I noticed that February is regularly slammed, and a lot of them are folks re-upping on failed resolutions. Calling in the big guns. Interesting. So it seems, from my perspective, that the people who want to get healthier, regard us as an option, but not the first option. Why? My money says that the idea of walking into “the crazy gym” is a bigger commitment than they’re willing to make. They can see from a mile away that there are no easy roads in this gym. True physical effort is so rare that it’s scary to them. It’s good though. I don’t want the people who aren’t committed. I want the crazy fuckers.


What’s a cult without some crazy?