Crossfit Pain

I know many kinds of pain. I search it out almost daily. Subject myself to it’s many shades of misery so that I don’t have to sit around waiting for it to find me. So that I’m never surprised by it’s force. So that I’m not a victim. I am comfortable being uncomfortable. Pain is everywhere, I will search it out, I will face it head on.

3 responses to “Pain

  1. JP,

    Get your ass up here and lift some stones. That 240lb’er is lighter this time of year due to the vernal equinox and gravitational shifts in Jupiter or something like that. Semper Fi.

    – Stoner

  2. I hear ya! You still on the hill or did you move again? September weekends are packed full of fun already. Can we do early october? Weekend of the 6th or 13th? I’ve got a handful of strong folks who want to come play.

  3. Moved. Over on Highland now for your short driving convenience. Shoot me an e-mail when you want to set something up and I’ll put a course together. Also, want to stop in for a deadlift session one of these days. Round up some victims who want in.

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