Burpee Challenge Shirt Designs

Here are some options.  Vote for what you like in the comments.  If I missed anything let me know.  We can also DFC-ify any of these to make it seem like we thought of it ourselves instead of ripping off ideas from the interwebs.

1. Burpee Venn Diagram (plus some DFC stuff thrown in there somewhere)
b102. Stickperson
b93. Survivor #1
4. Survivor #2
5. I Heart Burpees
6a. It’s real      6b. Bruce Lee (text = Knowing is not enough, we must do… Burpees!)

7a.   WTF         7b.Burpee 5-0
b38a.   Clock    8b.  Apple
b49. Reading upside down
b6Voting will stay open until the we need to order/make them to be ready for Day 100.

4 responses to “Burpee Challenge Shirt Designs

  1. My vote is for #2

  2. I vote for #4 with the number breakdown of #3 on the back

  3. I vote for 3…Survivor #1

  4. I vote for 3 Survivor #1

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