Do your job


Imagine if you couldn’t get fired from your job…


Really, take a second to let your mind wander down that rabbit hole. If nothing you did could get you fired, what would you do? You can come in late, not come in at all, dress how you want, unleash a flurry of expletives on your boss…


So what would you do?


Would you neglect your duties, your morals, maybe even some state and federal laws?


You’ve actually already got a job that you can’t get fired from. We all do. It’s called “Your Body Incorporated” and you are the lifetime CEO. You have been in charge of Your Body since the day you were born, and no one checked your references. You had no experience, no qualifications, and regardless of your conduct and the direction you take the company… you can’t get fired.


So how are you doing at the job?


Is it fun, or is it an inconvenience? Are you excited to get to work or content just dreaming of another job?


Well you can’t quit, so maybe get them some training? Get an accountant (food log) to help keep track of your spending. Bring in a consultant (doctor or trainer) to offer some perspective and direction. Hire a secretary (time spent focused on yourself) to develop an itinerary for your day.


Being too busy to take care of yourself is an excuse. It results in having less of yourself to be busy with.


Taking care of yourself is your job. If you aren’t good at that job, it’s your job to get better.


Make time for yourself, and you’ll have more of yourself to work with.  

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