Sorry for the boobs and butts


In the military my job was managing a firewall (preventing hackers and porn) and now ironically, my website got hacked (probably by north Korea) and there was some pornographic content inserted. We’re mostly all adults here, so I’m sorry for any unsavory images you may have been exposed to. I think I fixed it, but website sterilization isn’t something I’m well versed in, so let me know if you uncover any nasty stuff. Be sure to clear your cache first as you may have some stored content. And now, back to your regularly scheduled fitness gospel…

Human “beans” are truly remarkable creatures. We have these inborn tendencies to follow dopamine to the most extreme ends. Anorexia, obesity, marriage, divorce, economic prosperity, financial ruin,  extreme fitness, injury and even death can all be achieved in the pursuit of minuet amounts of chemicals in your skull.

Think about the most natural behaviors that humans are required to engage in to survive. Eating, acquiring shelter, and procreating. If we don’t do these things, we die… and the species dies… so we come with an insurance policy called dopamine. It’s a chemical that makes us feel good when do these things (among others). We feel good, to increase the likelihood that we’ll do it again, and again, and again. It’s an incredibly successful feedback system that has been integral in our dominance of the world. There are some costs though… that are fascinating to observe. Take each one of those essential behaviors and what you’ll find is a progression that unfolds something like this…


Level 1: I did it, I like it, I want to do it again

Level 2: I did it again, I liked it again… but not as much

Level 3: I did it again, this time more, I liked it more, but it hurt

Level 4: I did it more, and more, until I set a world record, got arrested, or died.


Now, level 1 and 2 is where most of us remain. Level 3 (the introduction of negative consequences) resets most people’s enthusiasm back to a level 1 or 2. Level 4 is for the especially stubborn ones. This isn’t the case for everyone, every time, I know. But it is the case for a regular percentage of the population. Evidenced by the following world records…


The most hot dogs eaten in 10 minutes with a bun… 73.5

The most toilet seats broken over the head in one minute… 46

The heaviest raw deadlift (no technology added)… 1,014 pounds

The longest time spent texting… 4 days straight (5 minute break every hour, no sleep)

The most t-shirts worn at once… 218

The most pushups in one hour… 2,682

The most coconuts smashed by the hand in one minute… 122

The tallest building… 2,716 feet

The largest orgy… 500 people (thank you japan for that stunning display of human potential)

The number of hackers that have posted porn on DFC’s website… 1


People don’t stumble into world records. They are driven by an insatiable appetite for chemicals in their brain. The point of this is partly to marvel at the world we live in, but also to point out that everything you do is driven by these chemicals too. You aren’t special. You’re just addicted to dopamine in your own unique way. Appreciate the benefits and be aware of the cost. If there is a behavior in your life that is creating pain, consider joining our Change Challenge. Instead of our typical January food fix challenge, our goal is to help you plan and execute the change process. Big changes or small, there are some common fundamentals that can increase the likelihood of long term success if implemented, or these fundamentals can put you back to square one if they are ignored. Check out the video series for more info and contact us if you’re interested.



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