Feel better

We all want to, all the time.

We want to feel happier. We want to feel more hopeful. We want to feel more energy. We want to feel more attractive. We want to feel more strength. We want to feel more connected. We want to feel more in control.

It’s hardly ever about being those things, just about the feeling. I know this because I see people achieve those things. They get skinnier, they get stronger, they get more energy, they get happy… and regardless of how long it took to get there… regardless of the work they put in… the improvement may stay but the feeling it brought fades. Presence in success is short lived and quickly replaced by the desire to feel more.

Being happy (feeling better) isn’t a destination. Being happy is a feeling. Feelings are impermanent.

Hopefully, this isn’t news to you, but it’s another one of those ideas that you deserve to be reminded of.

Two paths forward…

Feel better more often. Seek the easy road, lower your standards, dismantle your expectations, avoid discomfort, steer clear of struggle and the appeal of distant horizons. Learn to accept the quality of life that comes with being ill prepared and addicted to input. The world is pretty well suited for this route. Victim.

Feel bad more often. Push into discomfort, embrace the pains and gains of friction, welcome the endless pursuit of constant investment, failure, and reflection. Learn to accept the quality of life that comes with being well prepared and addicted to output. You will be a pillar of change, often standing alone. Opportunist.

Either way… frequency trumps intensity.

(if you don’t decide, you picked the former)

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