Start Here – FAQ

Welcome to the Dansville Fitness Club website. You’re here so you’ve already taken the first step towards increasing your current level of fitness. You’ve expressed an interest. Congrats, now let’s see what I can do to answer your questions…

This is a brief look at what we do here. The program is scalable to any ability level or condition. Young or old, athlete or couch potato, skinny or fat. You only need a willingness to continually expose yourself to difficult tasks. Put in the work and progress is guaranteed.

What is the DFC?

The Dansville Fitness Club is a bare bones, no gimmicks, high intensity gym founded on and driven by results based fitness. We provide certified personal training for real life. Looking from the outside in, most would consider the environment rugged. From the inside it’s simply effective. The advantages provided by our laid back setting must be experienced to be appreciated.

What do we do?

We work. Hard and often. Results match the effort here so nothing is given, only earned. Upon entering our doors you’ll be exposed to a seemingly endless variety of movements, rep schemes, challenges and funky acronyms. All of which combine into a platform from which your current level of fitness (no matter how good or bad) will expand. You’ll push, pull, jump, throw and climb, using your body the way it’s meant to be used and you’ll have fun doing it. While the challenges you will undertake here are designed to push you to your limits, we understand that limits vary. Every movement has progressions, ways to make them easier and ways to make them harder. We utilize these progressions to tailor efforts to the individual. Everyone benefits from pullups so everyone does pullups. Some use bands for assistance, some go un-assisted, and the monsters sport a weight vest. The stimulus is the same, the effort is the same, the results are the same. Workouts last on average 60 minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less but rest assured you’ll earn each of those minutes. This program will never get easy, everything else in your life will.

Given the degree of variance in the workouts and athletes who train here, everyone I’ve worked with has their own answer to what it is we do, so the best way to find yours is to come try it.

What we don’t do: Just to get this out of the way, you won’t find anything typical about the Dansville Fitness Club. This I promise. You won’t find typical machines and certainly you won’t find typical routines. Anyone can put you on a treadmill and turn on fox news. That isn’t fitness. Anyone can tell you chest and tri’s Monday, back and bi’s Tuesday, and that women shouldn’t touch weights. That isn’t what I do here. I only ask two things of potential athletes (because all those who train here are athletes)

1. Leave your preconceptions about fitness at the door

2. Give me 100% and I’ll do the same for you

Is this right for me?

While the universal scalability of the movements makes Crossfit possible for anyone, the intensity required means it isn’t for everyone. I’ve worked with athletes from 19 to 78 and seen success across that same range. In my humble opinion, if you are someone who:

* Is looking to get in shape but aren’t sure how;

* Has lost interest in your gym routine;

* Enjoys being challenged;

* Wants to be a more capable human being;

* Is looking to get faster or stronger in your sport, OR

* Is no longer seeing results with your current training regime;

Then yes, you should give this a try. This means women just as much as it means men. Maybe more. This means old just as much as it means young. Effort is rewarded regardless of age or sex and everyone benefits from functional competence. Free your mind of stereotypes and see what you’re capable of. You’ll be surprised.

The only way to know for sure is to try.

Where is it?

I’m located right in the heart of Dansville at 5 Ossian St. Click the location tab at the top of this page for directions.

What are the hours?

I’m completely devoted to your success and boast the flexible hours to prove it. Before work, after work, lunch time, evenings, weekends, holidays… well, probably not holidays. Anyone who wants to do high volume burpees on Thanksgiving has bigger problems than availability of trainers. The bottom line is that my schedule is adjustable. This isn’t something I do on the side. This is my job. This is my passion.

When can I start?

Today. More specifically right now. More specifically before you finish this sentence. Shoot me an email, give me a call, send me a pigeon, ask me a question, then ask me ten more. I’m at your disposal.

JP 607-331-3023

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