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  1. richard mummey

    Have to say I’m one of those who was on a course of disaster with diets and had the misconception that I was eating good and healthy. As JP’s dad I was there at the beginning stages of his fitness club and there fore his first client, so to speak. I prefer to call myself his first victim. We started out with diet, excluding all breads, pastas and sugars, and progressed into doing a series of pushups and squats etc every time we opened the frig. I also had the misconception that I was in good shape as my first attempt at pushups came up very light and within a week was doing them with ease. I also lost at least 25 lbs in say 6 weeks. the zone diet is great and you are never hungry, you are just eating healthy and in small portions. Two things I have learned is never allow yourself to become overly hungry and never leave the table totally full. Fresh fruits and veggies, raw or cooked any way you like, chicken, turkey, seafood, and lean beef and pork. there’s a hundred ways to do a stir fry with any combination of meats or poultry or sea food. stay away from processed foods, or the middle aisles in the grocery stores and cut out or cut back on bread items, pastas and off course sugar. tatters is another item to cut back on with the starch and high carb content. I find my self in my 60s and a trucker, sitting in truck stops or places I load or unload, do people watching, and I see a vast majority of men, way younger than me, so out of shape and even obese, that I have to chuckle to myself. Most people, I’d say, live to eat, where they should start considering eating to live. I am, and I don’t look to live any longer from eating right and exercising, but I do think and project that I will live right up to the end with full function and mobility, and a positive state of mind.