Tuesday Training


There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. ~ Colin Powell

Tuesday Training Week 2

Pull Day 5×3
Goal Work

For time
50 Wallballs
50 MB Situps

Red version – 75 each
Green version – not for time 5×10 each


Good Mornings 5 sets of 10 reps (add weight if possible)
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

For time
50 Squats
50 Situps

if you’re awesome, do 75 instead

Monday Training


Maintaining a complicated life is a great way to avoid changing. ~ Elaine St. James

Monday Training Week 2

Squat Day 5×3
Goal Work

8 minutes, go as high as possible
2 Double Unders
2 Ball Slams
4 of each
6 of each
8 of each
continue to add 2 reps until the clock stops

Red version add 5 DU
Green version add 5 Singles

Lunges 5 sets of 10 reps (add weight if possible)
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

8 minutes, go as high as possible
2 Situps
2 Pushups
4 of each
6 of each
8 of each
continue to add 2 reps until the clock stops

2015 Dirty Dogwood Wrap Up

The strongest group of runners I've ever seen!

The strongest group of runners I’ve ever seen!


Another one in the books

First off I want to thank the volunteers, from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the legs this entire event stands on. There was more help this year then ever before. Weeks in advance, late Friday night, early Saturday morning, the registration goddesses, and post race clean up crew. You guys are all amazing and appreciated.

We had over 240 participants this year (that’s a PR) and despite over 100 of those being on race day, registration went smooth. There was a hiccup with the Dogwood shirts (some pre-registered folks didn’t get theirs) so if you pre-registered (before May 9th) and you didn’t get a white shirt. Email me your size and I’ll get it to you. JP@DansvilleFitnessClub.com

This race is unique in several ways. The goal is to bring the community together for a fun event. The standard Dogwood Walk and Run has been around for decades, a staple of the Dogwood Festival and great way to kick off the weekend. There used to be a 10k option. If enough people are interested I will bring that back. I also want to do a shorter kids run (1.5 km), again, if enough people are interested. The addition of the obstacles (the Dirty) has been incredibly fun and incredibly challenging. The course is limited (mostly residential) and I’m not legally allowed to move enough earth to make it much different each year. The time crunch is another challenge. We litereally assemble all the obstacles Friday night and early Saturday morning (doesn’t leave much time for testing) and the 500 dollar budget gets blown pretty quick. Next year I will be moving the Dirty Version (the obstacle run) out of town. I would love to keep it in the village but logistics are getting too difficult. Details will be posted as we get closer to next  year, but the Walk and Run will remain the same, with the potential addition of a 10k and 1.5k option. Please email me with questions and suggestions for  next years race.

Thank for your participation! See you next year





The 2015 Dirty Dogwood 5k (Run, Walk, Dirty)

This year the Dansville Fitness Club is holding the annual Dirty Dogwood 5K race in support of the Dansville Legion!  Come and enjoy this unique race with us.


Register  now by clicking here:   https://reg.score-this.com/regx/step1.jsp?eventID=1497

Or click here to download and print the registration form. You can then mail it in or drop it off at Dansville Fitness Club (5 Ossian St)




Dansville Legion, 34 Elizabeth St, Dansville NY 14437

Start Time

9:00 A.M.

Entry Fee

$25.00 race-day fee, pre-registration fee is $20.00.

Trifecta series Race all 3 races!!!  Register for Dirty Dogwood, Nunda Funday’s Raccoon Run and Scamper, Jingle Bells 5K: $55.00


Sign up for the Trifecta and Save!
You may register for individual races by clicking the race links below. Or you can register for all three and save!
05/16 Dirty Dogwood, Dansville, NY
06/06 Rocky Raccoon, Nunda, NY
12/06 Jingle Bells 5k, Dansville, NYRegister for all 3 races by clicking here.


Packet Pickup and In Person Registration
Pre Race: Friday, May 15th, 2015 3:00-7:00 pm at the Dansville Fitness Club,

5 Ossian St, Dansville, NY 14437

Race Day: Registration beginning at 7:30 am Amercian Legion Post (race site), race start time is at 9:00 AM.
Race Contact Details:

Dansville Fitness Club
JP Mummey

2015 Fittest in Dansville Final Standings


2015 Fittest in Dansville

Fittest in Dansville Week 4 Standings


DFC FID 2015 W4

Fittest in Dansville: Week 3 Results


2015 FID Regular

2015 FID Scaled

Sometimes you go looking for motivation…

bearSometimes motivation finds you!